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Re: VR6 Tuner

In a message dated 08/27/1999 10:40:05 PM !!!First Boot!!!, 
Eric_R_Kissell@email.whirlpool.com writes:

> Try:
>  http://www.eiptuning.com/
>  They have a bolt-on turbo system good for 300 hp.
>  The following is an excerpt from http://www.vr6.com/gti/
>  "Aftermarket parts are becoming readily more available. 
>  Performance chips, the European throttle bodie, and P-flow 
>  intakes are are available from Neuspeed and other well known 
>  US tuners. New Dimensions and Techtonics have exhaust systems 
>  that make real power and utilize Borla stainless mufflers. The 
>  real horsepower is starting to appear now. A few German tuners 
>  have products, and eip Tuning has lots of cool stuff, 
>  including a turbo system. AMS and Neuspeed are rumored to be 
>  producing supercharger systems as well."
>  HTH,
>  Eric R. Kissell
>  1986 5000cstq

While they may offer some interesting packages for the VR6, they are very 
well known for being unable to complete any project on time or on budget. 
Many on the GTI-VR6 list have tried them and gotten burned. Caveat Emptor.

Mike Torio
'97 GTI-VR6 Garrett chip, Neuspeed exhaust, etc.
'97 Audi A4, K04, Garrett Chip, LLTEK Brullen exhaust, etc., yada, yada,