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OH, Wow, now what can I say!! (MH99 again).

In a message dated 8/29/99 12:52:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
quattro200@earthlink.net writes:

<<  Watching and hearing the cars standing still was great, but seeing
 them on the track was even better. I hope they do it again Sunday.
 Wolff >>

    I could not have agreed with your post more!!  Let me tell you, seeing 
the greatest cars from the 80's ever raced was one of the most exciting 
experiences of my life!!  Imagine seeing the R8r, IMSA/GTO, Transam, and the 
86 and 87 S1's all racing aroung the track simultaneously!!!  I was literally 
jumping up and down screaming as they passed, chills running through my body! 
 Many around me stood looking at their watches or picking their noses as I 
celebrated with each lap.  Ok, if you think I'm sick, you dont understand 
Audi's legacy in technology and racing.  Let me say that the experience was 
priceless (ok, very worth the $40).  As I saw the racers getting in the cars, 
my mouth was bitter with envy-They Get Paid For This!!!!!!!!!!  
    It was awsome in the corral today also!  Hundreds of Audis, from Coupe Gt 
to Audi S1 all parked with owners and enthusiasts all chatting wildly!  I had 
the opportunity to meet a bunch of listers, and see some of your cars- Let me 
tell you, it is really wierd to look into the engine compartment of a 5kq and 
see a LT1 V8 motor in it!  It would be neat if we could duplicate the corral 
every so often, and all meet in one place for a weekend and kick tires.  
    Anyway, Bravo to an amazing event that I will never forget!
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q