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V8 cruise control help

	Cruise stopped working abruptly.  Fuse is intact, inline.  When operating
stalk controls you can here the switching "click" in the relay/fuse box in
the passenger footwell, but no result.  Car is a manual if that matters.

	Any thoughts about the first thing to check out? I don't know much about
the cruise system on this car - it's vastly different (looking, at least)
than the electro-mechanical ones I have ever worked on.

	Here's a coincident indicator - the clutch pedal suddenly has about 1/2"
of free play at rest.  Could that be out of adjustment and not contacting a
vaccum break, so the cruise control thinks the clutch is engaged?

	I scoped out the clutch pedal best I could, but couldn't find an
adjustment to take up the play - the clutch is not worn and is really
tight, and the hydraulics work very well.

	Bryan Kamerer