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Re: Cleaning Calipers?

You also can get relatively small stuff sandblasted at cooperative electric
motor repair shops.  They're more likely to be more careful, and they
generally would use a cabinet.

Kneale Brownson

At 07:02 AM 8/29/99 -0400, Fred Munro wrote:
>Hi Alexander;
>    A body shop can do the sandblasting for you. As Steve points out, make
>sure you seal up the caliper well before sandblasting. A body shop won't be
>as careful with the blasting as you would be. The acid treatment is painted
>on by hand and wiped off before it dries. It dissolves any small particles
>of rust left behind by the sandblasting and passivates the metal surface to
>make it more rust-resistant. I use Dupont Metalprep, but the other major
>paint manufacturers make equivalent products.
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