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Exhaust Installers...

I am finally back home, but I need to get my new Brullen ehxaust
installed. Usually I use VW Sport USA for all of my installs on my A4
1.8TQ, but they have a set price of $110. There is no WAY that I am
going to pay that much for a 1/2 hour job. I will call them later and
try a little negotiation because it is such an easy install (no welding,
perfect fit for stock mounting points, 3 pieces, etc...) Has anybody had
a similar exhaust (end of the downpipe back) installed on a similar car
in the DC/VA/MD area? Something in DC would be optimal (like a Midas),
but I am worried that a muffler place won't know what the hell to do or
what to charge. All suggestions would be helpful.


99 A4 1.8TQS K04 Santorin