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Re: Mobil 1

----- Oprindelig meddelelse -----
Fra: Michael Murphy <mmurphy@nais.com>
Til: Claus Vegener <vegener@post7.tele.dk>
Sendt: 30. august 1999 21:25
Emne: Re: Mobil 1

> Claus Vegener wrote:
> >
> > I have asked for Mobil 1 15W50 synthetic and got the answer - not
> > to Denmark.
> I don't know why they don't...except I have noticed:
> In middle of winter here in NY, USA I change out Mobil 1 15w50 for Mobil
> 1 10w30.  My gas mileage improves from 26-27mpg highway to almost
> 30mpg, but.. the oil runs cooler, in fact too cool (I think) to vaporize
> any condensation and pressure is lower across the whole rev range.
> Maybe, in Europe, Mobil does not want the reputation of selling oil that
> _reduces_ gas mileage.

My mecanics used to use Shell Helix 5W-50 full synthetic - now
I understand, that was fine enough.
Just now I have 0W-40 Mobil 1 synthetic in the pan. I don't like
the low idling pressure of 1.5-1.8 Bar. That was not a problem with
5W-50. (Don't like to know, I have 215.000 km on the odometer)

> > To day I called the importer my self and got a "technical talk"
> >  He have Mobil 1 Racing 4T 15W-50 for sale; but would not
> > prefer that for my 200QT.
> I asked my brother (he works for Mobil) about the 4T 15w50 and he said
> don't use it in a car - it has a "bike" specific additive package.  The
> importer is correct.
> <snip>
> > He say: 5W-50 He agreed, that the high temp -50 was good, but too
> > thick to start at, and that the 5W-50 would give the same or even
> > better protection at high engine temps.
> Huh?  I think he meant lower temps.  A 5w50 will pump and flow better at
> low temp. than a 15w50, ergo more oil gets to the engine parts faster,
> but you sacrifice pressure with the 5w50 over 15w50.

No it was to compare the quality -50 high end of 5W-50
to the "Bike" 15W-50 talking about a better formula.

> > I was very close to ask him about Castrol 10W-60 Racing - but thought
> > it was'nt fair

No it is a full synthetic - so a -60 ought to be better for a very hot
engine -


> Go ahead, ask him :-)  If the 10w60 is mineral oil based then most of
> the multi-viscosity properties are accomplished with additives
> which, IMHO, is the oil industry's equivalent of "smoke and mirrors".
> --
> Mike Murphy