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RE: MH99 - conclusion of a great weekend

I have to agree here!
I managed to catch a ride in the Silver TT that was last in the line.
Awesome site to see, the line of Audi's ahead of us, too many cars to see
them all. Quite a rush to zip up over the top and down the corkscrew at
speed, we dropped back a bit to get some running room.
I was in "sensory overload" all weekend, still haven't recovered.

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		What Ti said....  I don't think I can describe the feeling
of being on track 
		with 200 other screaming Audis....definitely the highlight
of my year, and a 
		life experience.  Thanks to everyone I met, talked to,  all
the Q club 
		people, etc...and what a collection of cars!!!  Wish I could
better desiribe 
		the feeling- I'm still coming down!

so much to 
		                                                    '83 UrQ