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Re: Autocrossing a Quattro

> Ok, Jeff, can you give us a rough feel for these "setup tricks?"  Maybe
>  -2 deg camber in front and 0 camber and a little toe-out in rear?

Sure ... but unless you have another car for daily driving, you may not want 
to follow my advice since it does tend to make a car less comfortable to 
drive on the street.

In the case of my Ur-Q, I'm running a 23mm front bar from a FWD 4000 -- the 
car rolls a bit more but turns in better -- and I run max negative camber up 
front (a little under 2 degrees) and about .5 degrees of negative camber in 
the back.  I also run 3/8 - 1/2" of toe-out up front and 1/4 - 3/8" of 
toe-out in the back.  I run hydraulic (not gas) Konis and set the fronts 
about 1 turn hard and the rears about 2 turns hard.  I run 32-34 psi in the 
front tires and 40-44 psi in the back.

Oh, yeah: I always -- always! -- run with the center diff locked.  On both 
BFG R1s and Hoosier Autocrossers, my car lifts the inside rear wheel about 2" 
under hard cornering.  This means the car will coast through the middle third 
of the corner unless the center diff is locked.  It does increase understeer 
but since I tend to drive the car as thought it were FWD -- i.e., trail the 
brakes deep into the corner while keeping the rpms up with your right foot -- 
driving around it isn't too difficult.

Have fun!  :^)