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Re: New Radar in CO (no Audi content)

>From the 911 list - i thought i'd post to the many CO listers,
especially you 20 valvers out there ... Paul K

Subject: Re: Photo radars and a rant

Bill writes ...the use of photo radars is growing on the Front Range of
Colorado. Boulder and Denver use them and I think Ft. Collins does as
well. Their use is pretty controversial....

The newest twist on this law requires the photo van to place a sign
within 400 feet of the van's location, alerting drivers that photo radar

is up ahead. I know people that put a hand in front of their face, still

looking through their fingers so they are able to see the road, and then

roll through the trap at 5mph above the limit - triggering the photo
apparatus but not producing an identifiable face for the driver... this
is how silly it has become. Don't forget that the collected fines are
split 50/50 with the company that leases the equipment to the state.

Bill 82SC coupe