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RE: A6 owners

You asked how reliable are A6 motors.
	I have 1996 Audi A6 that ran extremely well until I heard a solid noise 
from the engine when starting cold. Lasted for a few seconds and went away. 
I live in So. Ca. so it really is never too cold.  Since the car was still 
under warranty I took it to my dealer who concurred with me that it is 
coming from the engine and that Audi has authorized an "exploratory" 
disassembly.  Two things became evident, the connecting rod journals on the 
crank shaft were two thousands bellow acceptable limit.  The head showed 
EXTREME carbon deposits on all the valves and the pistons.  Also there were 
no steel shims where valve spring seated into the aluminum head.  Audi 
decided at this point to go for a factory rebuild engine.  It is now 
approaching four months how this nightmare started.  There is a mitigating 
circumstance, and that is that my dealer provided me with a loan car during 
all this time and kept me abreast as to what is going on.
	Would I buy another Audi A6?  In a flash.  I do belive it is a very good 
product and if I head wherewithal I would get a new A6 or S6 when it 
becomes available.