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Got the heater core out but lost interior lights.

Well thanks everyone for the help on the heater core.  I'm just waiting for 
the part to come in.  The only problem is I lost my interior lights. Not the 
reading lights just the dash lights and center console lights.  I 
disconnected the computer and clock and they went out, that appears to be 
normal.  I reconnected the contacts and the lights came back on.  I went to 
the store to get a sandwich and when I came out they never came back on.  
Checked the fuse, #12 I beleive it is.  WHAT HAVE I DONE!  I also found a 88 
5ksq w/ front end damage (hit a tree).  Looking to purchase it.  Anyone need 

Mike Daigle
Tacoma WA
87 5000CS Q
83 4000S 4E

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