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Re: PARTS FOR SALE / titles

In a message dated 8/31/99 1:16:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time, OorQue@aol.com 

<<  know things are different in New York -- I seem to recall seeing an awful 
 lot of abandoned cars when I lived there -- but here in Arizona, no salvage 
 or scrap yard will touch a car without a title.  Because of this, a friend 
 ended up cutting the bodyshell of his parts car into pieces with a torch and 
 throwing a little away each week with the rest of his garbage.

thankfully here in Pa its not as bad, depending on which yard you deal with. 
i have parted out a few rusty vw bugs/buses over the years, and usually i can 
get a scrap metal recycler to come with a rollback and haul away the shell 
for free - it's just scrap metal to them, and they're glad to take it, no 
questions asked.  best part is with a scrap metal recycler, they dont ask for 
the title, so i usually remove the VINs and keep the title before they take 
it..  probably not worth it to save the titles from audis, but ive seen 
numerous people with vintage vw's in need of a title for a car theyre doing a 
restoration on..

'86 5kT, TQ
'84 vw vanagon
'78 vw westfalia