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Re: Stumbling in the damp. Plug wires? Coil? (864Q)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Buchholz, Steven say:

> > to reuse old loom cut it open cleanly along molding seam that has the
> > outlet holes in it, mounting clamps or zip ties close it with 
> > new wires.
> ... believe it or not, the factory plug wires have connectors in the end
> that attaches to the spark plug.  If you pull the wire away from the spark
> plug connector you'll find that you can pull the wires out of the loom
> without having to cut anything ... unless of course the new wires you're
> installing don't have some way to pull one or the other of the connectors
> off.  


Don't cut the loom!

It snaps open very easily, to get the wires in and out.
Then it snaps closed again and screws right onto the engine
to hold everything in place.



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