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Re: Euro only parts suppliers needed

Phil Payne wrote:
In message <199908310235.UAA03980@aztek-eng.com> DeWitt Harrison writes:

> IME, UK vendors can't be bothered with modest orders from the
> colonies. For example, Brian Ricketts and the good old boys down
> at BRM dropped me like a heavy stone when my orders fell below
> 100 pounds sterling each. In general, they let you know you can
> piss off by ignoring your several plaintiff cries for help. If you
> are lucky enough to get one of the rascals - let's call him "Dave" -
> on the phone, you will hear rubbish like "None of those part numbers
> register on the Audi dealer's computer." Plenty of numbers "registered"
> when the order was over 1,000 quid.
> Phil, am I very far off?

BR Motorsport is now heavily into 'Motability' - custom modifications for the disabled.

That's a shame, I have spoken to Brian in the past and his knowledge of VW's
was astounding. I guess given the current anti-car climate in the UK and the
targeting of high-performance vehicles (through taxes) there is a shrinking
market for these aftermarket tuners. The only area where the UK market for tuning
bits seems to be increasing is for 1.0L Vauxhall Nova's! (UK residents will know
/exactly/ what I mean)

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