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odd mis fire/ lack of power Coupe Q '85

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this strange one with you all. I experienced last week what felt like a couple of small coughs from the engine at 5100 rpm followed by a lack of power at anything above that and certainly wouldn't do anything above 6000. I had a look at the usual bit's and pieces like distributor cap, rotor arm, fuel pump relay, air flow meter plate height etc all checked out ok. When I  came to the plugs I found no's 2 and 5 to be heavily crapped up with black carbon deposits, the other 3 plugs were ok with only a little bit of carbon. So Saturday, in go a set of new plugs (Bosch tri electrode) and a can of fuel system cleaner, no change. However today car runs like a dream all the way to the redline with no hesitation. Just trying to work this one out, I am thinking dirty injectors (car is good on fuel mileage though) anyone got any other theories they would care to share, in case I am talking too soon.