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Re: S6 or S6Plus

Rokas Reipa writes:
> From what I've read, the A6 2.7T will not be detuned in the USA. Instead, it
> will have the same 250hp engine as in the North-American spec S4.

Yup.  I have a beautiful new Audi 2000 US brochure that I got from the
Audi tent at MH99, and it lists the A6 2.7T as 250hp, same as S4.  The
A6 4.2 has 300hp, and the A8 4.2 is 310hp.  This is really something...
with the exception of A4, most of Audi's lineup now in the US is 200+ hp.

One change stands out across the full line of 2000 Audis: the instrument
cluster lighting for the digits and gradations is now a whitish blue
color.  The gauge needles and digital displays (and I suspect most other
controls) remain red-lit.

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