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Re: Re: S6 or S6Plus

But the sporting nature of the S4 doesn't carry over to the 2.7t A6. You'd
really need to work on the spring and damping rates to get rid of some of
the body lean. But yes, the MY 2000 pricing is off the wall, in that is is
A) low, and B) so close together. *Only* $10,000 US separated the base price
for the A4 2.8 sedan from the A6 2.7t, with the 2.8 Avant, TT, TTq, S4, A6
2.8 and A6 2.8 Avant all falling inbetween. And it isn't like these are
stippos either...

Jon Linkov
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> saltinot@mindspring.com writes:
> > I spent a day in Savannah at the track behind the wheel of the new
Audi's, which of course included the 2.7T a6.  It has excactly the same
motor as the new S4 (which was also there).  Both cars are a lot of fun.
The documentation that was given to me by > AoA specs the engines the same.
As for 0-60 times the S4 was 5.6 and the A6 2.7T was 6.0 seconds.
> What is also interesting is that the A6 2.7T is only a few hundred dollars
> more than the S4.  You lose a few tenths of performance from the
> weight on the A6 but you do get a much bigger car and more luxuries...
> Hmm.
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