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Re: Euro only parts suppliers needed

In message <199908311604.MAA07789@audifans.com> "Ken Keith" writes:

> That sucks. The same erosion of freedom will happen in the U.S.
> as people continue to be intolerant of the freedom of others, and
> turn to the government to save us from ourselves.  To think it won't
> happen to is to turn a blind eye to history.

Actually, there isn't any targetting of high-performance vehicles.  All
we have is a tax break for cars below 1100cc engine capacity.  There are
exactly six such vehicles available new at present, down from ten a year
ago and projected to be four by the end of the year.

Above 1100cc (and if it isn't a truck) everyone pays the same.  We _do_
have extortionate fuel taxes compared with the USA, which is a way of
achieving much the same thing.

But I pay the same Road Tax for my ur-quattro and my FIAT UNO.  The
latter is 1106cc ...

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