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RE: No A2 ur-q's at MH99

> Some of us had the FRS radios on during the parade laps. There was
> discussion that Michael Williams was going to do an off track
> excursion/exhibition, but I didn't see any huge dust clouds, 
> so maybe he
> didn't.

... I for one am _very_ glad he did not!  Even though I shared in the
enthusiasm that Wolff expressed on the earlier post (I never did check the
speedo to see how fast we were going but some said they went as 65 ... I
probably was there too) overall the participant comported themselves well
enough so that we came away with some very good impressions with the
management of both the track management and that of General Racing.  

The one thing I thought was unfortunate was that Audi didn't see fit to have
the current race cars in the demo laps.  It would have been great to see
Rui, Geroge or the other cars doing more than parading ... and I'm convinced
that an opportunity to do less restrictive laps might have brought an A2 or
more out of the woodwork ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)