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Another Q Gathering Opportunity ...

As many of you know, Tom Nas flew out to California from Holland to attend
MH99.  Yesterday I dropped him off at a car rental place so that he could
get a car and do a little driving around California and the Southwest.  In
any event, he'll be flying back to Holland on 9/10 and I told him that it
would be great if he could come back on the 9th so that we could have a
reason to get together again ...

So ... I thought I'd post this info so that if anyone is interested in
getting together to see Tom off let me know via a direct e-mail to me.
September 9 is a Thursday, and Tom's flight leaves _very_ early on Friday,
so I'm thinking it would be an early evening get together.  If evening is a
real problem for any of you but you might be able to do a lunch let me know
and I'll take it under advisement.  If I get in touch with Tom before then I
could make sure that he'll be back in the area to meet then.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)