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RE: MH 99 Parade Lap Speeds Was: No A2 ur-q's at MH99

Excuses excuses, ha Steve!!!!!
BTW nice line through the corckscrew, are your rims bent?
just kidding, i had a great time watching Christian try  to take pictures of
me out of your rear window!
I also heard that Breeze was pretty scared!
have fun1

Mike Robinson
Santa Clara, CA
1988 Audi 90 quattro
187,000 + miles
Everything Moded But The Motor (For Now)

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> From:	Buchholz, Steven [SMTP:Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com]
> Sent:	Tuesday, August 31, 1999 1:57 PM
> To:	'Robinson, Michael/SJC'
> Subject:	RE: MH 99 Parade Lap Speeds  Was: No A2 ur-q's at MH99
> Hi there Mike!
> I hope that you do realize that I was having a bit of fun, but I didn't
> push
> as hard as I would normally because of the fact that I had 3 passengers
> and
> was in a dual file situation where it is difficult to judge the
> capabilities
> of the folks around me.  Perhaps some time later at a track event I'll be
> able to find out where the limits of the V8Q are, but I know I've got a
> long
> way to go before I get to them!  Thanks for the take on the speedo!  :)