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Re: 87 4kq springs

Huw Powell <audi@mediaone.net> wrote:
> > Wow, I'd like to see a picture of that if you've got one scanned.
> > 
> > >     I have a 1987 Audi 4000cs quattro with a broken front spring.  Does
> > > anyone know of a place that I can get a replacement reasonable? 
> The 4kq listed below has a coupe spring in the front, that I supplied to
> my neighbor a year or two ago when one was broken.  It just looked like,
> well, a broken spring...  I still have the other one I think.

I mean, what the heck causes a spring to break?  They are 
intended to be at least a little flexible, right? <g>

Is it rust that eats away at a little chip in the paint?

Actually, I've broken a spring before.  It was a leaf spring that 
snapped right in front of the axle.  Luckily, the axle nestled itself 
nicely in the C-notch in the frame and I was able to drive it the 
short distance back home.  I suppose it broke due to all the side-to-
side movement from the hydraulics.  At least that's what I 
attributed it to. <g>  

Point is, I thought it would take some serious stress to break a 
spring.  Stress that I wouldn't expect a Audi to be exposed to.