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RE: Eulogy

Dan said;
> As hard as I was hit, some
> people, on seeing the pictures, say the car doesn't look that bad.
> Thank you Audi for building such a solid car.
> I loved that car.  I took *very* good care of it.  Check out my records
> on http://www.a4.org/ to see how well.  It's registry number 90.
> I've driven a few Audis since, but none of them have excited me yet.
> I'm going to keep looking, when I'm not having to deal with doctors
> and lawyers.  I didn't want to have to do this, and I don't want to now,
> but there it is.
> Goodbye friend.
Thank God you lived to drive another day.  

I may be fickle in my Audi ownership, but, like my Dad told me about girls,
the worst Audi I ever drove was wonderful.  You'll find another one to take
her place.  Keep driving...

> Gary Lewis 
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> SALE!!!!!!
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