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Re: CD changer


I'm a little behind in my reading so you've probably already gotten some responses to your question, but I'll add mine anyway.  I don't know how the changer is mounted so I can't tell you how to get that out.  The problem, if the magazine won't come out is likely that the changer is unable to put one of the discs back in the magazine.  CD's are sometimes slightly warped, and the friction this causes prevents them from being easily removed from/inserted into the magzine.  I just had this problem on my Sony CD changer, which is basically the same unit you have in your car, at least if the CD changer I saw in another Audi of your vintage is any indication.

Anyway, the fix is as follows:

1.remove CD changer from car

2.remove front and bottom of changer - three screws on top, one (I think) on either side, some at the back - oh, there's a plastic tab which helps to hold the cover in place near the back of the unit - you'll need to press down (gently) on this to get the cover off

3.look inside the changer - you'll likely see the cd sticking partway out of the magazine - if this is the problem, there are several exposed gears that you can turn, which move the rollers and put the cd back into the magazine.  If this is unsuccesful, you can use a screwdriver, or better yet, a pencil with an eraser on the end to push the cd back into the magazine.  BE CAREFUL when doing this.

4.once the cd is back in the magazine, there is an exposed gear on the bottom of the unit that will eject the magazine from the changer.

5.reassemble the unit and plug it back in to test it before reinstalling.  You should hear some whirring noises as the maching resets itself.  Then insert your magazine and make sure it ejects properly.  Next, play a disc, but make sure it comes out of the magazine without a lot of effort.

I've had to do this several times and this is the only problem I've ever had with my changer, so hopefully you'll find this helpful.

Jeff Mruss