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RE: S6 or S6Plus

> From what I've read, the A6 2.7T will not be detuned in the USA.
> Instead, it
> will have the same 250hp engine as in the North-American spec S4.

According to http://www.a4.org this is true.  The A6 2.7T will have the
exact same powertrain as the S4.  In other words, it will have the 6 speed
transmission and will only be available in Quattro.  No idea on pricing.

> Rokas
> > The A6 2.7T has the same engine as in the new S4, albeit
> detuned to 230hp.
> > It is available both in quattro and FWD configurations.
> > The A6 V8 has 300hp 4.2l engine. Available only as quattro with
> tiptronic
> > trans (no stick).
> >
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