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Re: project 4ktq update: Sent the motor out to the shop.

In a message dated 8/31/99 6:17:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mswanson@cisunix.unh.edu writes:

<< Any obvious mods that I am missing while I have everything apart?
    You could have them clean up the inside of the runners on the intake 
manifold, and matching the ports should be a big priority( maybe they already 
are, you didnt mention it).  Bigger 40mm valves from the NG will drop in with 
new seats (I can get them for less than $10 each).  The piston tops can also 
be coated.  I have heard very good things about Jet Coat.  There are also 
ceramic paints for very cheap that can be used to do some of these things 
(such as the exhaust man. and down pipe) available from Summit.  Sounds like 
you are building a killer motor, what turbo are you using?  Thanks for the 
Javad Shadzi