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Re: Modified Throttle Bodies

In a message dated 9/1/99 1:38:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, vadams@mbusa.net 

<< Been thinking about acquiring/modifying the throttle body on my '84 5ks
 but will take advantage of any BTDTs from those of you who are never
 satisfied with something that works fine. All my engines "want" more
 air, you see.

    This comes up every once in a while, and I stand that on a stock, 
unmodified enginge you are going to accomplish Zero.  There are other much 
bigger restrictions to deal with first, such as the head, cam, and exhaust 
system.  Don't forget thet even the 160+ N/A 20valve motors use that same 
basic throttle body.  This used to be a "big upgrade" on VW's, but even those 
tuners (Nuespeed, etc) could not fool themselves any longer, thus none of 
them really offer the upgade anymore.  My opinion of course...   ;)  
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q