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Overheating Blues

Last weekend I drove up to Lake Chelan with a few of my friends.  I had 4 
people in the car and a bunch of food and camping things.  .The temp(from the 
CC) said it was 94 degrees.  The car kept on over heating.  I pulled over and 
check the water and it was fine, but I filled it all the way up to the line.  
Kept on driving and then the oil warning light came on.  What gives?  My car 
can't even handle 94 degree weather??
Even trying to keep the car away from any boost the car overheated.  No luck. 
 So the only thing I can do is to pull over at a gas station and pop the hood 
and hose the radiator down with water while manually keeping the fan on.  
Anyone know if I damaged the engine from driving on it with the oil warning 
on?  And does anyone know how to fix this problem?

BTW I calculated the total weight of the car to be around 4100lbs, including 
the gas, us, and food, and camping things)

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA