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Re: brake upgrades

Bill writes:
> recently, i have came up with the idea to upgrade the front disc/rear 
> drum setup on my 81 4k to the 4-wheel disc setup from a 16v 
> scirocco.  i have read that they are a direct bolt-up replacement for 
> my old brakes.

Yup.  BTDT on my 4000.

> after looking at my front wheels (factory 81 alloys), i am wondering 
> if i have the room under the wheels. the job doesnt sound too 
> difficult (knock on wood?)

You need 14" wheels to clear the bigger front calipers.  I don't
know what size your 81 alloys are, but if they are 13" then plan on
a wheel upgrade too.

> also, i have heard that powdercoating calipers is a good power 
> booster.

Heh :)  Ego power booster perhaps?

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