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I worked in pathology labs many years ago (20), during which time I used 
daily quantities of Xylene and Toluene in the tissue proceessing proceedures. 
They are both very similar dirivatives of the Benzene ring, differing only in 
location of the methyl group as to "para" or "ortho" positions on the ring. 
They are slightly more viscous and "oily" feeling than most solvents or 
gasolene, and are not quite as flamable/volitile as either one. As I recall 
they are not hydroscopic, since we were eliminating water in the proceedures, 
and the containers were open to room air.

I'm not however familiar with their octane ratings and effects on fuels. If 
memory serves from organic chemistry, they come off the cracking tower for 
crude oil above kerosene, but below the ketones such as Acetone and MEK.