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RE: Quattro-digest V1 #362

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> Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:41:12 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Marc A Swanson <mswanson@cisunix.unh.edu>
> Subject: project 4ktq update:  Sent the motor out to the shop.
> After a little thought I decided I'd rather spend the money and have
> people who know what they are looking at inspect the motor for wear.  I
> took it to R&L Speed shop which is in Dover NH pretty close to where I
> live.  The shop area is immaculate which was one of the reasons why I
> chose to bring my motor there.  So, aside from the typical checks for wear
> and tear, I am also having them do a complete balance on the engine, port
> and polish + a 3 angle valve cut on the head.  I plan on sending out my
> intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and downpipe to be Jet-Hot coated.  Any
> comments on Jet-Hot?  As far as I understand, you get the benefit of a
> nice smooth interior ceramic coated surface plus a nice exterior finish.
> Any obvious mods that I am missing while I have everything apart?
> Thanks
> - -Marc-
> 87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
> 87 5ktq   donor
> ------------------------------
	As a former manager of an engine building shop I recommend:

	-	Don't worry about the finish inside the intake manifold.
Remove all burrs and sharp angle in the air flow.
	-	The exhaust manifold can be polished but the return in
horsepower compared to cost is not great.
	-	Gasket match both the intake and exhaust manifold will make
a big difference since you are already porting the head.  Porting smoothes
the airflow in the head.  By gasket matching you smooth the air flow as it
goes from the manifold to the head and back out.  The shop will match the
ports in the head to the manifold gasket as well as doing the same to both
manifolds.  This keeps the air flowing smoothly from throttle body to
exhaust collector.
	-	You're already balancing all the moving parts so the engine
spins without a vibration.
	-	The only other thing I would recommend is cc'ing the
combustion chambers.  This makes sure all chambers are exactly the same size
so each cylinder makes the same horsepower.  All cylinders work together
rather than one doing most of the work.
	-	If money isn't a problem you can even have the heads flowed.
It is put on a bench and tested to make sure that all the ports flow the
same amount of air at various valve lift heights.  It is really a way of
testing the quality of porting the shop has done.
	-	At this point a good cam will take advantage of all this
work.  Focus on a street profile that has good mid-range power and decent
lift.  Don't focus on low end power or high end power.  They only give you
an advantage when racing, not in everyday usage.

	Then have fun with the new motor.

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