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Re: Overheating Blues

In a message dated 9/1/99 9:36:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time, tm2@earthlink.net 

> Jason
>  When your oil light comes on is your oil pres. up or down.  
>  On my car sometimes the oil light would come on but the oil pressure
>  would be all the way to the right.  It did this 2 or three times until
>  I changed to a better oil filer.
>  Pat Korach
>  Kirkland, WA

Thats IT!  I need a new Oil Filter.  If I remember last, I didn't change my 
oil filter the last time I changed my oil, because I they were out of tuff 
guard.  I thought it can handle it until the next oil change.  Guess not.  
Thanks Pat!