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No 2.7tt avant? - also, A4.org refusing connections...

Before I get flamed for the subject - I'm trying to gather info regarding
the A4 avant, and further pricing details for the MY2000 cars. The A4.org
server has been refusing connections for around a week now. Anyone know
why, or have suggestions for other sources of A4 avant info and complete
MY2000 pricing? (I saw the base msrp list here recently; I want to know
invoice and option prices)

Also, No 2000 A6 2.7tt AVANT?? The wagon iterations of the fun cars are
some of the hardest to find, and you have to go back 5 years to get a
mid-sized manual wagon.  _Sport_ utility vehicle - c'mon AoA, how about an
A6 2.7tt AVANT six-speed, esecially if you're going to withhold the S6/S6
avant!!! What sort of random reasoning for the engine/model options withholding?

TIA for any answers/consolation...