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Re: Mobil-1 changes formula?

I'm not sure how old your existing Mobil 1 inventory is, but Mobil 1's
website provides a press release dated April 1, 1999, that talks about their
new Tri-Synthetic Formula.  You can check it out at the following link:


If you wander around Mobil 1's website, you will also find spec sheets for
the different formulations of Mobil 1.  Enjoy.  HTH.

Richard Steckly

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Subject: Mobil-1 changes formula?

> I just bought several bottles of Mobil-1 (10w-30). I didn't give much
> attention to what seemed to be a new "packaging" -- instead of printing
> onto the bottle, there are bottles that use stickers (with word "NEW!" on
> it).
> After I got home, I checked 'em side-by-side (old: M-2193-YP; new:
> M-2449-YP), and I found three differences. One, the new one claims
> "Tri-Synthetic(TM) Formula." Whatever that is. Second, the new one says
> it's low phospherous formulation. Eh? But the last sure got my attention
> -- the old one claims to flow at -55F (-48C), but the new one is now at
> -49F (-45C)!
> What has changed?? ANyone know?
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