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Re: s4 @ monterey

"Buchholz, Steven" wrote:

> No, I think you're letting Bob off far too easy there Mike ... I say that
> given the fact that not one of us saw him, that he must not have been there
> ... and the most egregious sin was that he did not have his _car_ there
> either ... I think someone told him about the S4 for sale ... ;-)
> If he wanted to see us, he should have known to come to the corral for the
> parade lap staging ... or afterwards ...

Wow, what a tough crowd!  Parade lap... uhhh.. afterwads I was ummm... Hang on,
let me think.. I was actually at the other side of the track. Yeah thats it.
Other side of the track.

> Steve Buchholz
> Who stood in the QCUSA tent most all of the day Saturday, and a reasonable
> bit on Sunday ... wearing a "Hi, I'm Steve Buchholz" badge as well as one of
> Tony Lum's cool audifans badges ... not to mention the fact that Bob already
> knows what I look like ... :-)

Dang..There were about 2 billion people, I didnt see anyone wearing a "Hi, Im
Steve Buchholz" badge. If I did, I would have made fun of you then said hello
:)  There are a few of you that I know what you look like so I kept my eyes
open, but that didnt work out..
OK, I concede, Maybe I didnt hang out in the corral long enough, but there was a
lot to see! I was chatting with Parnelli Jones and Stirling Moss...(Not that Id
rather be chatting with Steve or Dan, so dont get me wrong...)  ;-)

> ... can you tell that we missed you Bob?  :-)

You guys are awesome.. thanks. I missed you too!