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'91 CQ Noises etc.

I need to tap into the collective wisdom of the list for a moment.  The
patient is a '91 Coupe Quattro  5 speed with 122k on the clock.  All of
the fluid changes (synthetic all around) and maintenance items have been
addressed.  It seems that after she warms up, I start to get a very
consistent "grind/rattle" eminating through the shifter area.  It only
happens when I am moving (in or out of gear its the same).  The noise
starts at around 3500rpm and will increase when the clutch is
depressed.  Is is just wishful thinking that it's not my syncros?  If it
is, what are my options? Rebuild? Replace syncros? Used tranny?
    I also have an unusual problem with my autocheck light system.
About 30 seconds after startup, my coolant temp/level light goes on and
stays on for the duration.  I unplugged the multifunction switch from
the sender at the top of the head, and it still shines brightly (only
now the coolant guage will not work).  I would greatly appreciate any
insight into this little malady.
    Thanks for keeping my mailbox full of wisdom everyday!

Bill Payne
Raleigh, NC