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Fw: mystery part

About an inch in diameter?  The grommet that Audi is "darned proud of"
that holds the throttle cable to the accelerator pedal lever?  If it is,
though, you likely won't be driving the car to get a new
one.....*scratching my head*

 - Doug

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From: Jeff Mruss <rmruss@pangea.ca>
To: 'Quattro List' <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 1:13 PM
Subject: mystery part

>Hoping someone can help with this.  Car is an '84 5KS.  Noticed a small
part in the driver's footwell today.  Looks like a small black washer
with a ridge around the center hole and an opening on one side - sort of
'U' shaped.  Anyone know what this is for?  I checked the Bentley, but
there doesn't seem to be anything that looks like this in there.  Took a
good look at the pedals as well and can't figure out where this would
go.  No problems with pedal operation either.  Any help would be
>Jeff Mruss