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ur-q custom turbo cam AGAIN AVAILABLE!

The first responder for the cam never sent the check so it is again
available at $200.00 plus shipping. Unfortunately I flushed all of the
other responses as I thought I had it sold, so I cannot respond directly to
the next person in line - my mistake - sorry!

The next first responder via email or phone     (that sends a check  :)
gets it!

.410 lift, 270 degrees duration, custom ground turbo cam.
Fantastic in ur-q, extends power-band to all the way to redline and
beyond, no more roll-off at mid and high RPM like the sucky
stock ur-q cam. Works GREAT with K24 or K26, better all-around
low-end/mid-range/top-end and overall throttle-response.
Has only 17k miles on it. From the KUQEFH. Fits 10V engines only.

Compare with Schrick cams at >$500.00  Available immediately!

-glen 508-323-1643