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9/10 S Lunch & misc

Hello all,

The time is upon us once again for a gathering of the CO S car faithful.
Following are the specs...

When: 	Friday 9/10 @ 11:45 AM
Where: 	Healthy Habits Restaurant, 4760 Baseline Rd (and Foothills), Boulder
Why:	The usual bench racing and to review MH99 photos.
Who:	All Audi-heads are invited.

I've got some pics from MH99, but if you plan on attending and you have
pics, bring them with you. Tell a friend and or forward this message along
to anyone that I may have missed.

Frank -

PS: I have a couple of random questions...

1)	I'm looking for some cloth seat covers both for the '93 S4 and a
Volvo Wagon. Any suggestions?
2)	What free email service out there is the best?

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