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ersatz S2 II update/ Q club mid atlantic swap meet

I stopped by George Baxter's shop today to check in on progress for the
ersatz S2 II under construction.  This car is going to be fantastic;
building on the lessons of the first car, it will avoid some kludged
solutions, and be more refined.

Some neat elements:

The S2 5x112 hubs, as has been discussed but to my knowledge, never tried,
are a direct fit into the CQ hub carriers.  The S2 rear disks are identical
to the CQ in offset and dimensions so no changes to calipers are required.
Front brakes on the eS2 II will be a 993 setup.  Hubs cost about $90 each
and of course need new bearings.

Using the S4 gearbox requires a whole new linkage, which Steve Mills has
documented.  It also necessitates the use of S2 axles, which btw have
beefier CV joints than stock CQ.  Finally, you need new mounts, bushings,
etc.  About $1K worth of parts, Steve?

Flywheel:  I got my S4 flywheel directly from Bruce Bell's engine, and we
lightened it by 7lbs.  The S4 flywheel this car is getting is a very
elaborate dual mass affair that looks nothing like mine.  Was there a change
in model years?

I'll update the ersatz S2 site with the intercooler plumbing PNs, but
suffice to say that the plumbing on this car will be simpler and more
elegant than mine.  Steve Mills ordered the RS2 intercooler which is about
2" longer than the already large S2 piece.

Anyway, the owner, a Michigan based q-clubber is going to have a really
lovely car.  George is advocating the turbonetics K26/garret hybrid he used
on his urq.  This will be some ride.

A final note, George reminded me that he is hosting the Mid Atlantic Q
club's first ever swap meet on the 19th.  Call him to get a stall, and bring
your stuff.  It's shaping up to be a great time.  He is in Bristol, PA,
north of Phila.

Brandon Hull