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vw 'vert for sale

i need to free up some garage space, and i don't really like 
convertibles.  what does this mean?  well, i have a 1981 rabbit 
convertible that i bought and immediately modified, painted(super-cool 
BBS body kit too!), and put a new interior in.  i then proceeded to drive 
it and found that i really don't like driving a convertible.  the car has 
been in my garage since january, cylinders misted, exhaust plugged with 
moth balls and battery out.  here is a list of the mods:

ported and polished head and intake, race valve job, big bore TB 
(properly mated, of course), 79 scirocco cam, ram air, autotech tri-y 
header and 2" aluminized sport exhaust, muffler and cat, sport shifter, 
GTI interior dyed black, black carpet, jetta leatherette steering wheel, 
decent, 5k mi michelin roadhandler sport tyres, quad-light grille, custom 
upper stressbar, drake engineering lower stressbar, 16 row oil cooler; 
KYB gas shocks (i know, el cheapo, but they work pretty well.)  
it also has an awesome new paint job and the aforementioned BBS body kit.

problems:  exhaust leak, have necessary gasket; driver's window needs 
adjustment; vent windows could use some really good glass glue; carpet 
needs to be re-glued.  there is also a short somewhere in the electrical 
system which i cannot track down.  

this is a great, quick little car.  all that i would do to it is throw in 
a close ratio tranny, which you can get for $100 from a friend of mine.  
i have put over $6000 into this car - all i am asking is $1500, because 
i am a student and it resides in my father's garage, to his extreme 
displeasure.  the car is a steal at this price.  first reasonable offer 
in the $1500 price range takes it.  you can see a pic of it before the 
quad-light grille was installed at the following url:


thanks a lot.

-joe brown
1990 80q 138k
H&Rs and boge turbogas suspension "wow, that is a lot lower than i