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Re: 3 angle valve seats...

In message <37CE32D0.E628D89@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:

> I'm off into a bit of a panic here to get my cylinder head
> reconditioned on the 1990 200 with MC motor. I just got off the
> phone with one of the biggest local performance shops and they
> quoted me some R4400 ($730) for a complete recondition and
> gas flow of the cylinder head. This includes parts (seals,
> stems, no lifters), gas flowing and a 3-angle valve seat job.

In the UK, an exchange head would:

a) be cheaper

b) give you new lifters, guides, springs and cam in addition.

> Question: what is the effect of this 3-angle seat job?
> Benefits on a turbo motor?

Audi requires it.  The valve seat is ground to three angles in the
stock engine - a section at 30 degrees to the roof of the combustion
chamber and a section at 45 degrees to the inside of the port, joined
by a band 2mm wide for an inlet port and 2.4mm wide for an exhaust

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