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RE: A Arm bushes/torqueing


A fair point, I certainly don't crawl anywhere unless the car is properly supported never have, and never will. Time to go Halfords on the way home. Thanks for the reply.


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In message <611408FA8FACD2118A670008C75D64FC01AE0863@euktcnt010.ericsson.se> "Iain Atkinson (ETL)" writes:

> Accepted practice is to torque the bolts with the weight of the car on
> the ground. Would I get the same result if I used the trolley jack to
> compress the strut / A arm into it's normal position and then torque
> them? My reason for asking is that it's going to be difficult getting
> access to the bolts when the car is on the ground, I don't have an
> inspection pit or drive on ramps. Any suggestions please.

Buy some ramps.

In order to get the wheel up into its normal position, you'd need to get
it to carry its normal 1/4 of the weight of the car.  How will you have
lifted the car - on axle stands?  So either one or three axle stands
will carry the rest of the weight, with 1/4 on a jack.  And you're going
to crawl under there and start swinging reasonably heavy torques about?

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