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sending parts

  Today is a sad day for my Audi.  I just received a package once containing 
a set of yellow koni adjustable inserts that had two neat 2" holes in it and 
no koni's.  For some reason the package was not insured.  Automotive parts 
are very good at punching through one layer cardboard boxes.  Please 
remember this and pack them accordingly.  Always insure anything of value 
you send ( especially if it is going a long distance)as this can prevent a 
lot of grief if something happens.  Does anybody have a good used set of 
adjustable struts  for a 4kq? Are there any good adjustable available for 
this car that are less than the koni's as I certainly can not afford a new 
set now.  Left holding an empty box,

   Max Dombroski
   87 4kcsq in England

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