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Re: Air Bag Light

> Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:07:28 -0500
> From: Dan Simoes <dans@iclick.com>

> Christopher Gharibo wrote:
> >I have a '91 Audi CQ with 57k miles. The Air
Bag light has been staying on
> >longer than usual lately after the car is
started, as long as 5 mins after I
> >start driving.
> >This happenned suddenly and definetly was not
the case prior.  Any ideas on
> >what can be wrong?

> Many of our cars are doing this, and no one >
knows why. My mechanic has offered to check my >
computer when I get the time to get over >

> | Dan |

The Air Bag light on my '89 200TQ went on
suddenly a couple of months ago. Had my dealer
look at it while it was in for some other minor
stuff, and he said that 90% of the time it is due
to a spring mechanism in the base of the steering
wheel that eventually wears out. This part is
expensive (so what did you expect??) but isn't a
real bad labor job to repair. However, it's not a
DIYer unless you're comfortable with playing with
air bags. I believe it is necessary to disconnect
the battery to make sure any possible electrical
charge in the car has decayed before playing with
them, in order that you don't discharge it

BTW, when the light is on, the system logic is
that the air bag is in a "fail safe" mode, and
you don't have to worry that it is going to blow
up in your face without warning.

- Jim
'98 200TQ
1.8 Bar 

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