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Re: A Arm bushes/torqueing


I'm sorry to have mis-spelled your mane, and after reading Phil's response I should have noted that all four wheels would need to be supported on trolley jacks, not just the one that you are tightening the A-arm on.

Sorry for any mis-information that may have gotten through.

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Original message:
From: 	"Iain Atkinson (ETL)" <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se>
To:	"'quattro@audifans.com'" <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: 	09/02/1999 3:07:16 AM
Subject: 	A Arm bushes/torqueing

Hi all

Accepted practice is to torque the bolts with the weight of the car on the ground. Would I get the same result if I used the trolley jack to compress the strut / A arm into it's normal position and then torque them? My reason for asking is that it's going to be difficult getting access to the bolts when the car is on the ground, I don't have an inspection pit or drive on ramps. Any suggestions please.