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Electrical problem!

I just got an Audi 4000CS Quattro '86 and the other day it broke down. I 
don't know much about cars but I want to learn and I would like to fix it 
myself.  If anyone can help me out with information as to what might be 
wrong I'd really appreciate it.  Here's what happened:

I was driving and all of a sudden the radio turned off.  The dash lights no 
longer worked either.  I pulled into a parking lot and my passenger got out 
to see if the external lights were working, he said they barely lit up.  As 
the car was running I was pushing on the brake pedal and the car died.  I 
tried starting it but it just barely made a noise.  Each time I tried 
starting it the noise (ignition?) got weaker and weaker.  Luckily we just 
got to where we were going so we went into the store and came back out 20 
minutes later and I tried starting it again and it DID start.  We started 
driving home and the car chugged a few times and as I was pushing on the 
brake pedal again the car died.  Once again we waited for a period of time 
and the car started up and I drove it the rest of the way home without using 
the brake pedal.  Once home I noticed that the volt meter was nearly at the 
bottom.  I turned on the headlights and the car died again.  Basically any 
electical instrument (head lights, tail lights, radio, etc) will kill the 
car.  Do you know what's wrong?

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