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Re: Opinions sought about '93 V8q

"Hall, Dan" wrote:

> David:
> Thanks for the info.  I might not end up with that V8; the owner
> wants to start actively selling, and my car's financial disposition
> hasn't been resolved yet.  Don't know what I'll get, but I'm sure
> I'll fall in love with it like I did my 90.

I know what you mean. Be advised I expect to see S4/S6 and V8s to drop sharply
within the next six months. Many will be traded in for new Audis and sold
privately. That will start a short term drop in cost.

Right now I know of 3 S4s on the net selling in the 15K range. 90 V8 owners are
struggling to pull 8K. 91s go for 9-9.5. 92s and 93s are way overpriced IMHO.
Once 250+hp stock vehicles with 6 speeds come readily available from the
dealer, many people will wisely jump, especially with the warrentee program.