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repairing 84 cgt w/front hit

Greetings All!

	I have the option of buying an 84 Coupe GT with 203K miles and spare engine for $500 or less.  The catch is the car has rear-ended a pickup on the drivers side.

	There is extensive sheetmetal damage, but little else.  The collapsing body stopped short of the radiator, but did break the bracket that supports the power steering pump.  I imagine the spare engine will fix this, be it with parts or a transplant.

Can one operate an unpowered steering rack for a few miles without destroying it?

	I've seen photos of people working on their Audi's with what appears to be the whole front end removed.  Cars stripped back enough to allow one to roll the engine forward and out on a jack.  Is the front sheetmetal (the area the grill, headlights, and hood latch mount to) secured via bolts, or maby a few easily severed spot welds?  If so, the damage could be repaired by swapping a new front piece, and gently straightening the rest, or am I missing something important here?

	Even if the car proves un-recoverable, it would still be worth it for the eurolights the owner has, and the fun/experience of trying.

	Thanks for any help, tips, warnings, etc.

86 4000cs quattro
87 A2 16v
Seattle, Wa

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