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Re: OXS question

The Ford model # posted by Scott a while back sells at Autozone for 38.00. Cut
off the connector and spliced it in the 89 tq. It was Bosch 3 wire, also...

"Buchholz, Steven" wrote:

> > I noticed in a note last week and later in the fuse diagram
> > in the owner's
> > manual that the oxygen sensor on the V8 is heated. Does the
> > shift to the generic
> > Bosch allow it to continue to be heated?>       Larry
> Yes, Universal oxygen sensors that include heaters are available ... I think
> the cost is in the $50-70 range ... I'm running one on the 4kSQ right now
> ...
> I think that the ECU would record a fault if it saw an open circuit in the
> OXS heater ...
> Steve